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HCG DIET APPLE AND SCALEIf you are looking for help with weight loss with hCG, you are in the right place!   We have all of the information, resources, checklists, and handouts that you will need to successfully navigate through your weight loss journey.

Have you tried diet after diet with no long-term success? Do you spend hours at the gym and still have a big gut?   When you diet, are you always tired, hungry, miserable, cranky, and shaky?  When you diet, do you have muscle wasting and loss of muscle tone? Did you lose weight only to gain it back, and more? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this could be the ideal program for you!

HCG Diet School specializes in pharmaceutical hCG weight loss programs for both men and women.  We follow Dr. Simeons protocol as described in his manuscript Pounds & Inches.   Only true pharmaceutical HCG  is recommended; homeopathic hCG contains NO hormone.  Patients using homeopathic hCG can still lose weight, however they will lose muscle mass as well as fat. This is not the case with pharmaceutical hCG, which preserves lean body mass.

The hCG diet involves eating fresh, whole, unprocessed foods combined with injections of a very low dose of HCG hormone.   This protocol does NOT require frozen meals to purchase.  There are  no adverse side effects. The program is all natural, and is based on the body’s own chemistry and physiology. This program will help you to reset your metabolism, reduce food cravings and addictions, and enhance your health by reducing fat mass with preservation of muscle mass. People who follow this diet can lose a half a pound to 1 pound per day on average, naturally and safely. During the hCG diet, you will experience reset of your hypothalamus so that your weight reduction is sustainable!

The hCG protocol shouldl last a minimum of 25 days, or a maximum of 50 days. In rare and exceptional cases, patients may be able to stay on the hCG longer than 50 days, up to a maximum of 75 days, before developing  “resistance” to the hCG effect on the hypothalamus.   After weight loss slows down or ceases, it is necessary to do the “washout” followed by 3 weeks of phase 3 maintenance, and at least 5 weeks of phase 4 maintenance. If the goal weight has not been achieved, then the patient can elect to go back on hCG once again.

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Need help with your hCG diet, or medical management?  We can provide all information that you need on  hCG diet services.   Whether you are interested in joining one of our HCG group classes, or rather, if  you’re interested in private, one-on-one appointments with Dr. Riegg, you have come to the right place!

Are you interested in turbocharging your weight loss?   Consider combining hCG diet with Zerona laser treatment!  The hCG will give you total body sculpting with fat burning in all areas of the body.  The problem areas, particularly belly, hips, thighs, and buttocks, can be targeted with Zerona laser, which augments the fat burning process.

Dr. Riegg and her staff provide hCG weight loss services in 3 locations in Southeastern Wisconsin:  Glendale (GreenSquare Center for The Healing Arts);  Brookfield (MD Custom Rx);  or Pewaukee (Transform Diet and Wellness Center).

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